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Important: This site is no longer being updated and is being replaced by I will leave this site active for now, since I still like the design. Thanks for visiting!

Web Design

If you are looking for a fast, affordable way to get yourself online, Virtual Invasion can help! Our straightforward approach to web design will make your experience an enjoyable one. Our goal is to get it right the first time, thus saving valuable time and money. We listen to your needs, then design the site you want, seeking your input and feedback along the way. Here’s how it works:

Step One – Contact
Contact us using the link at the bottom of every page to let us know you are interested in a website, and we will call or email you, depending on your preference.

Step Two – Initial Assessment
We’ll send you an online survey to find out more about your design needs. Should we need further information, or if you want to set up an in-person appointment, additional contact is made.

Step Three – Up-Front Quote
Once we have a basic idea of what you are looking for, we’ll send you an up front quote for the project. This quote includes domain name registration and hosting for one year, as well as all web design and writing/editing for a completely professional product. Once you are ready to proceed we take a 40% deposit, and we’re all set to begin!

Step Four – Materials Exchange
Now it’s time for you to send us electronic versions of any photos, logos and/or text you would like us to use. At the same time, we may send you two or more initial colour palettes to choose from, as we begin the design process.

Step Five – Draft Review
Typically, we would send you a template (‘home page’) within a week for your pre-approval. If everything looks good, we’ll proceed with the design and begin to insert sections with writing and, if applicable, photos or graphics.

Step Six – Final Review
Once we’ve completed your website, we’ll send you a “back door link” to have a look at the whole thing online. Now is the time to offer any last minute feedback or final concerns you may have. Then we edit as needed and send back to you for final approval.

Step Seven – You’re Live!
Once you have approved the final site, we send you an invoice for the balance of the project quote. As soon as payment is received, your site goes live for all the world to enjoy!

It really is that simple — Virtual Invasion will design your online presence in seven steps! Why delay? Get yourself online today. Please contact us to begin the process.


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