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Important: This site is no longer being updated and is being replaced by I will leave this site active for now, since I still like the design. Thanks for visiting!

Sheppard Construction
Sheppard Construction is based out of Muskoka, Ontario. Heather and Darcy were very involved during the development of the website, and it saw much revision and refinement.
Disclaimer: The addition of sound effects was not advised by Virtual Invasion.


Granite Trail Muskoka
Granite Trail Muskoka is a condominium development in Muskoka, Ontario.


Tall Trees
Tall Trees Cottage
Tall Trees is a website for a cottage rental, complete with a photo gallery, dynamic calendar, and map.


John and Thelma Jarvis John and Thelma Jarvis
John and Thelma Jarvis are Realtors in Muskoka, Ontario. Their extensive website includes a blog, special reports, newsletters, and articles.


Vera Teschow Vera C. Teschow
Vera Teschow
Vera Teschow's website is one of the most extensive projects, because it is actually 6 sub-sites, with completely different design schemes. Our goal was for her site to have alot of personality and be visually exciting, while still keeping it clean and professional.


Bracebridge Theatre Bracebridge
Arts Council

"Thanks for looking after everything so well. You are a dream to work with
and I hope that we have an opportunity to work together again in the future.
- Margaret E. Gage, CFRE


Dr. Eva Olsson Dr. Eva Olsson
Keynote Speaker
Dr. Eva Olsson is a holocost survivor, author, and inspirational keynote speaker. When we had our first meeting, she knew very little about websites, other than that she needed an affective web presence. We are thrilled with the results, and it was an true honour to work with her.


Winhara Motel Winhara Motel
Gravenhurst, ON
Winhara Motel is located in Gravenhurst Ontario. Our goal was to create a presence on the web that was welcoming, and appealed to families. This is why we chose to use shades of blue, and rounded edges.


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