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Important: This site is no longer being updated and is being replaced by I will leave this site active for now, since I still like the design. Thanks for visiting!

How long will it take to complete my website?
Depending on the size of your site and barring any delays in getting needed photos, logos and other information to us, it typically takes two weeks or less to complete your online presence, once you agree to the quote we provide.

Do I need to meet with you in person?
While some people are more comfortable meeting up front to assess needs, others are short on time and eager to complete the process through e-mail. We are comfortable working in either medium. Even if you do not meet with us in person at any time, you will still be asked to approve colour palettes and one or more drafts of your site online before its completion. We want to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with the finished product.

How much will this cost me?
Total cost depends on the scope and nature of the project. Typically, a 5-7 page website with client-supplied photos and logo(s) will usually run between $950 and $1250. This includes domain name registration and hosting for one year. We ask for a deposit up front (50% of the total), with the balance paid upon completion.

What are your methods of payment?
We accept cash, cheque, or e-mail Interac. Receipts are provided.

What do I need to provide?
You provide us with initial input in the form of an online survey. Once we’ve connected by email or in person, you will then provide us with electronic copies any logos, photos, text or other materials you would like us to incorporate into the web site.
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What if I want to change my site later on?
If you have the required knowledge and software, a password can be provided so that minor updates and changes can be made directly by you, the client. We also offer follow-up service for all your site maintenance needs. This is typically billed at $45 per hour (plus GST).

Can the website stay in my name if I use your services?
Yes. You should never have to transfer ownership of your domain name when working with a web designer. This way, it will remain in your control at all times, so that if you ever need to switch web designers, you can do so at anytime without permission from your previous web designer. However, to make changes your website, your web designer will require your FTP password, which you can change later.

Are there any additional expenses to maintaining a website?
We will thrown in the hosting and domain registration free for the first year. Thereafter, an annual $65 fee applies.


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