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Important: This site is no longer being updated and is being replaced by I will leave this site active for now, since I still like the design. Thanks for visiting!

Joel Rendall is the founder and owner of Virtual Invasion. With years of professional web and creative design experience, his clients range from real estate agents to music retail centres.

Joel’s diverse portfolio and flexible creativity have earned him raving referrals from a wide variety of personal and corporate clients. Proudly raised in Muskoka, Ontario, Joel currently resides in Toronto. As well as running Virtual Invasion, he is earning his music degree in percussion at Humber College’s Jazz program.

A designer that provides both high-quality work and reasonable pricing is a rare find in the web design industry. It is Joel's mission to make developing your web site an enjoyable experience; he looks forward to exceeding your expectations.

Vera C. Teschow is a Program Resource Consultant in an Ontario public school board, and a mother of three-year-old twins. She is also involved in numerous volunteer projects, and runs her own prenatal consulting service for families expecting multiple births.

Vera has worked on numerous curriculum and other writing projects, and is a regular contributor to various monthly publications. She has been brought on board as the primary content writer for VI to help you enhance your professional presence on the web.


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